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Collaborating across campus and around the world to improve global health

Health inequalities in low-income countries are driven by a variety of complex factors such as economics, climate, politics, and social disparities. The University of Michigan is home to some of the world's leading experts in these and other areas, many of whom are already engaged in global health efforts within their respective field. A transformational gift to U-M is providing opportunities to bring these experts together in new ways to develop sustainable, multi-disciplinary partnerships that ultimately improve lives around the world.

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Force multipliers for good

Tadataka Yamada working and helping children around the world

Tadataka Yamada, M.D. and Leslie D. Yamada have devoted their personal and professional lives to supporting paradigm-shifting ideas and fostering positive change. They envision a similar role for the center they are creating at U-M, empowering faculty, staff and students with new resources to make a greater positive impact on the health of those with the greatest need, anywhere in the world.

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